Thursday, 27 December 2018

Labyrinth Lord/ASE - Planning

In response to a conversation unfolding about the D&D Rules Cyclopedia on a gamebooks-related Facebook group I offered to run a "Classic" D&D game for anyone interested. I extended the invitation to a couple of RPG Facebook groups I'm on too because I thought some folks would be interested.

This post kicks off the planning phase.

Time: one night in the first week of 2019, 9pm-11pm+ Adelaide time.

System: Labyrinth Lord (a Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons (1981) retroclone).

Scenario: the introductory scenario/the first level of Patrick Wetmore's Anomalous Subsurface Environment.

Technology Platform: Discord (action item on me to work this out... I've only used Hangouts to date).

Characters: BYO 1st level new PC or level 1-3 if existing. Pregens available. 4d6 drop lowest, rearrange to taste.

Quorum: 4 players

What you need to do:
  1. Let me know what days of the week work for you in the first week of 2019 (with a view to having a few more sessions on the same night in subsequent weeks).
  2. Let me know what your experience level is with "Classic" D&D.
  3. Let me know if you wish to bring your own first level Labyrinth Lord (or compatible) character, or if you wish me to provide a pregenerated character (if so, class preference or very brief concept).
  4. Do not feel worried that you need to read the Labyrinth Lord rulebook! I encourage you to have a quick flip through if you wish but the point is that the system is light and easy - just tell me what your character wants to do as if you were there.

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  1. Mind if I reply here Dallas?
    1. Probably going to be playing Traveller on Monday nights but other days should all be fine, although I would have a preference for fri/sat/sat, at least in the first week or two.
    2. Only really experienced with LotFP and have actually only ever refereed classic dnd, never been a player before.
    3. I’ll throw my own together ��